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GEZOLAN AG's sustainability report for 2020 published

GEZOLAN expresses their high standards of quality as follows: we // live // quality. These three simple words and the idea behind them also embrace issues such as “sustainability”, “environmental protection” and “responsible actions”. We are aware of our responsibility to our fellow human beings and the world in which we live! Sustainability at GEZOLAN is based on the “three-pillar model of sustainable development”, which comprises the three areas of “ecological sustainability”, “economic sustainability” and “social sustainability”. These areas are interrelated and require long-term balanced coordination. Because sustainable development can be achieved only through simultaneous and equal implementation of ecological, economic and social goals. Based on this model, sustainability is firmly established in GEZOLAN’s (economic) activities and is the basis of our entrepreneurial activity.

All of GEZOLAN's sustainability efforts are summarized in our sustainability report 2020, which is available on request.