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Impressions of our colleagues from 5 years of GEZOLAN USA

Name: Kenneth Williams
Position: Machine Operator
With GEZOLAN since: May 2022

What do you remember about your early days at GEZOLAN?
Work with the people from GEZOLAN. They training me and teaching me the skill I need to know to move forward.

How would you explain GEZOLAN’s development during the last five years?
GEZOLAN make it easy to work with the machine and make it safe as they go.

What specific anecdote / special moment from 5 years of GEZOLAN USA would you like to share?
I remember when I started working at GEZOLAN I worked for 90 days and then they hired me on with the company. I was so happy.

What are your reasons why you like working at GEZOLAN? 

  • The people are nice.
  • The working hours are nice.
  • The work is not too hard.

 What do you wish GEZOLAN and our employees for the future?
Love. Peace. Happiness.