Header News 5th Anniversary GLP Philip Green

Impressions of our colleagues from 5 years of GEZOLAN USA

Name: Philip Green
Position: Head of Operations
With GEZOLAN since: April 2017

What do you remember about your early days at GEZOLAN?
Remembering the empty warehouse, to the anticipation of the arriving machinery. The hiring of new employees, the building and establishing a team to take GEZOLAN to the next level in the USA. Getting to know our Swiss and German colleagues and build great relationships.

How would you explain GEZOLAN’s development during the last five years?

  • Phenomenal
  • From producing one color to developing and producing 15 colors
  • Increase in production capacity by more than 200%
  • Expansion of the team to over 30 employees
  • We were able to almost double our turnover

What specific anecdote / special moment from 5 years of GEZOLAN USA would you like to share?
From the Grand opening and meeting the owners to the giddy heights of being the leading producer of EPDM granules in the USA.

What are your five good reasons why you like working at GEZOLAN? 

  • Work life balance
  • Building a great Team
  • Continued support and feeling valued
  • To see the fantastic growth
  • Great enjoyable place to work with enjoyable colleagues to work with

What do you wish GEZOLAN and our employees for the future?
To see the employees grow with GEZOLAN and take them to the next level.