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    The perfect floor covering for indoor and outdoor fitness?

    We´ve got the answer.

    Synthetic flooring for fitness

    The perfect floor for every training area?

    Whether classic fitness studios or individual sports facilities, fitness and exercise parks – both indoor and outdoor – as well as calisthenics and parkour facilities are becoming increasingly popular. As with other sports facilities, the strict specifications of the relevant standards and functional requirements must also be taken into account in the fitness sector, while at the same time creating visually appealing and durable floor coverings. For indoor facilities, the functional sports properties must also be combined with highly efficient sound insulation.

    We´ve got the answer

     Bodenbeläge für Gewerbe

    Synthetic flooring for fitness

    Safe, quiet, functional and economical thanks to GEZOFLEX

    Compliance with legal standards and technical regulations is a matter of course for us! With its low bulk density, our GEZOFLEX EPDM granules also offer economic advantages. With the same amount of material, a larger area can be built for outdoor flooring installed in situ and less material is required per piece or per m² for the production of rolled goods or prefabricated slabs.

    Gezolan In-Situ

    In situ

    GEZOFLEX is ideal for the on-site installation of seamless fitness floors.

    Gezolan Rollenware

    Rolled goods

    GEZOFLEX is ideally suited for the production of elastic rolled goods as well as fitness and floor protection mats.

    Gezolan Bahnenware

    Slabs and molded parts

    GEZOFLEX is ideal for the production of elastic slabs and floor elements as well as molded rubber parts and functional components.

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      Whether for classic weight training, Cross fit or informal and individual outdoor sports activities, GEZOFLEX EPDM granules are the best prerequisite for the perfect floor covering.

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      Easy to install

      Turn the training area into a visual eye-catcher!
      A colorful integration of the outdoor fitness facility into the natural environment? Do you want the corporate colors of the major fitness chains? Do you want to visually separate different training areas or integrate training elements into the flooring? No problem with the wide range of colors from GEZOFLEX!

      Common colors that are used for fitness flooring:

      Produkte Products

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      Referenzen References

      Well-known fitness chain or modern outdoor fitness facility: Here you will find selected fitness references from all over the world that were realized with GEZOFLEX EPDM granules.


      Synthetic flooring for fitness

      Functionality and design combined in one floor

      Whether indoor or outdoor fitness – every fitness facility has its own character. What they have in common is that the flooring must fulfill functional requirements and provide a protective function. However, the times when flooring was selected purely on the basis of functional aspects are over! Fitness floors with GEZOFLEX EPDM granules therefore combine functionality and design and are the right basis for every fitness application.

      Testimage Applications

      Do you want your fitness facility to be as unique as the users who train there? Then flooring systems made with GEZOFLEX are the perfect match! Let’s get in touch!