Innovative rubber technology for safe playing

With GEZOLAN BSG rubber granules which meet the high requirements of fall protection surfaces were specially developed. Using the SCP Technology, well-proved EPDM rubber granules are foamed in a new and innovative process. These foamed granules are used exclusively as base layer granules in fall protection systems.

GEZOLAN BSG - REACH-compliant EPDM granules especially for base layers

  • No recycled material
  • 100% virgin EPDM granules made by GEZOLAN
  • Grain size: 1-8 mm
  • Based on the new and innovative SCP Technology that gives the granules outstanding damping properties for maximum impact protection
  • 100% REACH compliant

Learned from tradition - the «Swiss Cheese Principle»

SCP is short for "Swiss Cheese Principle" and similar to Swiss cheese, each BSG base layer granule has tiny air holes/ vents. This perforated structure gives the already soft material an additional high degree of flexibility. Due to the SCP Technology GEZOLAN BSG granules ensure a maximum impact protection on children’s playgrounds.

Recycled rubber granules for base layers

As a supplement to the product portfolio, GEZOLAN offers black recycled rubber granules. This material consists exclusively of excess material from industrial production. As new material which is won directly after production, it comes from traceable supply sources and pass extensive control processes in order to meet the quality standards of GEZOLAN. The GEZOLAN recycling granules are mainly used for elastic and base layers in athletic tracks, multisport surfaces, playground safety surfaces and artificial turf pitches.

Manufactured from new rubber
As opposed to many alternative products, GEZOLAN offers recycled rubber granules made from excess material of industrial production processes that is as good as new rubber.  The recycled granules contain no styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) or rubber from used motor vehicle tires.


Recycled granules with outstanding properties
Conventional recycled rubber granules have already gone through at least one product life cycle (e.g. as motor vehicle tires) and as a result may have lost their positive properties in terms of elasticity and UV resistance. Since GEZOLAN uses granules made from industrial scrap material that has never been in use, the mechanical and technical properties are identical to that of a new product.

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