GEZOFILL - High-quality EPDM infill granules for artificial turf applications.

GEZOFILL was especially developed to be used as infill granules in modern artificial turf systems for sports and leisure applications. Due to the special production technology behind GEZOFILL, the infill granules receive a unique open-pored, foamed structure. Thanks to this innovative rubber technology, GEZOFILL is characterized by its lower consumption and, at the same time, it achieves an exceptionally high elasticity. Thus, best sport-functional properties are guaranteed with less material consumption.

High-quality infill granules made of EPDM are the most important factor for the performance of a modern artificial turf pitch and guarantee the optimal sport-functional properties. Decisive characteristics, such as ball-roll and ball-jumping behavior, optimal damping properties and traction, or protection against injuries are largely determined by the quality and type of artificial turf infill.

The product advantages of GEZOFILL

The GEZOFILL volume advantage

High-quality raw materials and material basis

Highest system properties and optimal processing

Tested and certified

For best sport-functional properties - the GEZOFILL product overview

GEZOFILL EPDM granules are only available in colors that contribute to the natural appearance of an artificial turf pitch. Due to their foamed structure, the GEZOFILL infill granules with the standard grain size of 0.5 - 2.5 mm have an excellent bulk density of approx. 480 g / l

Other grain sizes and a non-foamed version of GEZOFILL are also available on request.

Typical fields of application for GEZOFILL EPDM infill granules

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