GEZOFLEX – EPDM granules for sports and leisure applications.

GEZOFLEX are the EPDM rubber granules for first-class elastic floor coverings. Typical applications are athletic tracks and multisport surfaces, playground safety surfaces, prefabricated slabs, molded parts and rolled goods for various surfacing solutions. The granules can be processed with a one or two component polyurethane binder or coating. With the specially developed process GEZOLAN produces in Dagmersellen (CH) in the 4th generation and since 2018 in the USA the high-quality rubber granules for use all over the world.

The product advantages of GEZOFLEX 

Eco-friendly in production and use
GEZOFLEX® is manufactured using non-toxic chemicals. It fulfills the stringent requirements of the DIN EN 71-3 standard (“Safety of toys”). All GEZOLAN products are free of heavy metals, phthalates (softeners), halogen compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

Dust-free for color fastness
The more dust an EPDM granule contains, the more bonding agent is needed during installation to achieve the necessary density and stability. When coverings are installed in different colors next to each other, granules that contain dust can cause color crossover. Since it is dust-free, this cannot happen with GEZOFLEX®.

High color consistency
All of our EPDM granules feature maximum color consistency. This allows you to mix GEZOFLEX® products from different pallets, without the risk of inconsistent colors during installation.


High-yield and lightweight for low costs
Rubber granules and PU are purchased by weight. However, the installed covering is measured by volume (surface x density). Ultimately, the price is calculated in m2. EPDM granules from GEZOLAN not only have a higher surface yield, but are also easier to transport. Conclusion: If the price is a significant factor in your choice of coverings, GEZOFLEX® gives you a double advantage.

Long-lasting color fastness
UV radiation and other spectra of sunlight will cause any unprotected synthetic surface to fade. GEZOFLEX® gives you a floor covering that will still shine in its original color even after years of use.


Resistant and elastic
Environmental influences can cause installed EPDM granules to harden: The covering becomes resistant to temperature-related expansion and the granules lose their elasticity. Coverings for sports facilities and playgrounds must be impervious to such processes. GEZOFLEX® guarantees long-lasting elasticity, even after many years.

Constant granule size distribution curve
An optimal granule size distribution makes it easier to install the granules – whether manually or using machines. If the granule size distribution is correct, the covering will be well sealed. GEZOFLEX® gives you a visually regular surface, in addition to the required stability.

Superior quality and durability
The quality of a system is also demonstrated by how long it retains its basic properties. That is why you should choose high-quality GEZOFLEX® EPDM rubber granules, to achieve optimal resistance to tearing, elongation at break, abrasion and elasticity.

Internationally certified
Athletes want to give their best performance, without subjecting themselves to the risk of injury. This is exactly what our EPDM granules achieve. That is why floor covering systems that use GEZOFLEX® are distinguished by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). GEZOLAN was the first company worldwide to receive the certificate for outstanding product quality.

For colorful sports and leisure worlds - the GEZOFLEX color range

For a unique look on your sports and leisure area, 21 standard colors are available that can be combined with one another without limits. In addition, our two new colors 134 Turquoise blue » and 024 Capri blue are waiting to be discovered. With our MixIt tool » you can let your creativity run free in a special way and combine all colors into individual color mixtures.

Download GEZOFLEX color range »

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