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    Create a unique and impressive football experience world?

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    FIFA World Football Museum

    • Zurich, Switzerland

    Projektsteckbrief Project profile

    Installation Date:

    Installed Area:
    approx. 1,730 m²

    Grain Sizes:
    1-4 mm, 1-3 mm

    Indoor flooring with high aesthetic and functional requirements.

    Shaping three-dimensional objects and almost vertical surfaces.

    The following GEZOFLEX EPDM granules were used as color blends and single colors:

    067 Green
    087 Bright Green
    054 Dark Blue
    084 Bright Blue
    064 Blue
    089 Bright Yellow
    065 Grey
    055 Medium Grey
    045 Dark Grey

    The world football association FIFA has created a unique world of football experiences in the heart of Zurich with the FIFA World Football Museum, which opened in 2016. The unique history of world football is told on an exhibition area of 3,000 square meters. GEZOFLEX EPDM granules in seven colors were used for a large part of the floor areas and the modeling of three-dimensional objects and almost vertical surfaces. The result is an extraordinary reference that impressively underlines the diverse application and design options of GEZOFLEX EPDM granules.

    After the visitors were welcomed in the entrance area by a rainbow made of the jerseys of all member associations, the historical roots of the world football association and the history of the football world cup are shown on the next floor. The floor covering on this level was designed almost entirely with GEZOFLEX EPDM granules. Through the interplay of colors and lines, the floor design creates an unobtrusive visual highlight and thus fulfills both the high aesthetical and functional requirements of the exhibition concept. In addition, the floor covering provides the stylish foundation for appropriately staging both the World Cup trophy, which has found a permanent home in this exhibition area, and the other exhibits from World Cup history. This exhibition level is rounded off by a cinema with a huge 180° screen. Here, one of the main creative roles is played by GEZOFLEX EPDM granules as well.
    The social dimension of football and the game itself can be discovered on a further level. GEZOFLEX EPDM granules were also used on this exhibition level for the impressive design. And not only on the floor, but also when modeling three-dimensional objects and almost vertical surfaces. For example, a unique larger-than-life pinball game and other play areas are the highlights of this level. With the FIFA World Football Museum, not only a unique collection of football history has been created, but also an extraordinary reference that impressively underlines the diverse application and design possibilities of the GEZOFLEX EPDM granules.

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