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    A playground that combines safety and modern design?

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    Playground School Building Wuerenlingen

    • Wuerenlingen, Switzerland

    Projektsteckbrief Project profile

    GEZOFLEX 066 Mittelgrau

    Installation Date:

    Installed Area:
    approx. 76 m²

    Grain Sizes:
    1-8 mm BSG
    1-4 mm GEZOFLEX

    On a total area of 76 m², the GEZOLAN BSG base layer granules were installed in fall protection systems with construction heights of 40, 70 and 90 mm.

    Auf einer Gesamtfläche von 76 m² wurde das GEZOLAN BSG Basisschichtgranulat in Fallschutzsysteme mit Aufbauhöhen von 40, 70 und 90 mm installiert.

    Our GEZOFLEX EPDM granules in medium grey were used for the top layer.

    055 Middle Grey

    A very special reference was created on the grounds of the Weissenstein school complex in the Swiss canton of Aargau. The existing school complex was expanded with a new school building and a double-fielded indoor sports hall. In addition, the outdoor facilities were redesigned and installed under the direction of the landscape architect Mueller Illien from Zurich. As a result, an exceptional GEZOLAN BSG reference can now be found in Wuerenlingen, which impresses with its architectural extravagance.

    With the construction of the new building, which includes various classrooms, kindergarten and auditorium spaces, as well as a double-fielded indoor sports hall, the school building has become a “living space”. The design of the play area and the FLEXPERIENCE fall protection surface also take this idea into account. While other FLEXPERIENCE installations use colorful designs, the latest fall protection flooring in Wuerenlingen reflects an urban design, thanks to the medium gray chosen for the top layer. The play area thus is in keeping with the design of the existing and the new buildings created and fits perfectly into an overall cohesive experience of the newly designed school grounds. The base layer granules were used on the 76 m² fall protection surface to achieve fall protection heights of 1.20 m, 2.10 m and 3.00 m. In addition to the visual harmony, thus a carefree and safe play up to a height of 3 m is guaranteed. Complemented by the extraordinary play equipment made of metal, an extraordinarily futuristic playground has been created that underlines the creative potential and versatility of GEZOLAN BSG fall protection surfaces.

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