For first-rate artificial turf

GEZOFILL®, the rubber granules from GEZOLAN for artificial turf, were specially developed for the requirements of athletes. Due to the special manufacturing process the infill granules have excellent properties that make them clearly stand out from alternative products.

Facilities with artificial turf are often open to the public. GEZOLAN granule surfaces provide conditions for spontaneous and independent play. Not even adverse weather can get in the way of sports. In addition, GEZOFILL® is a high-yield material with a constant granule size distribution curve that facilitates even spreading on the artificial turf.

  • Safe for man and the environment
  • High yield and constant granule size distribution
  • Elastic with outstanding anti-slip properties

«Pump-and-Play» effect
GEZOFILL® is a foamed rubber granule material that was specially developed for use on artificial turf. Foaming gives the granules more elasticity and outstanding anti-slip properties, which substantially reduces the risk of injury to the athletes. Tiny pores in the granules allow them to absorb and emit moisture as necessary. The «Pump-and-Play» effect guarantees ideal terrain conditions, since pressure causes the granules to absorb moisture. This makes it possible to maintain ideal conditions throughout the entire match.