Sports-friendly floor covering

Whether in schools or clubs, for soccer, basketball or gymnastics: the many different types of physical activity have different requirements for the type of floor covering.

  • Child- and sports-friendly
  • Weatherproof
  • Impact-absorbing
  • Durable
  • Easy cleaning and care

Youths and amateur athletes need impact-absorbing surfaces that protect the joints. GEZOLANaccepts this challenge. We have the right quality for an impact-absorbing sport surface.

Diverse areas of application in maximum quality
On the one hand, floor coverings must remain comfortable, elastic and durable, as well as visually attractive. On the other hand, all technical and legal standards must be complied with. This means that only top materials such as GEZOFLEX® EPDM rubber granules are suitable for multi-functional synthetic covering systems.

Gentle and durable
It is no coincidence that children and youths, active athletes, trainers and visitors feel more comfortable and can move optimally on an elastic floor covering. GEZOFLEX® provides the optimal properties for different requirements. Schools, for example, require child-friendly and durable surfaces that are conducive to play and that are resistant to tearing, abrasion and weathering. The same applies to multi-purpose surfaces where a single area is used for many different activities – as a break area, for games, sports, or also cultural activities.