Header News 5th Anniversary GLP Alfredo Montoya

Impressions of our colleagues from 5 years of GEZOLAN USA

Name: Alfredo Montoya
Position: Logistics and Purchasing
With GEZOLAN since: July 2017

What do you remember about your early days at GEZOLAN?
Lunches at GEZOLAN, caterings at special events, cupcakes for birthdays.

How would you explain GEZOLAN’s development during the last five years?
Shipping out more product, increase in inbound and outbound shipments including increase in inventory.

What specific anecdote / special moment from 5 years of GEZOLAN USA would you like to share?
I got a certificate and a cutting board for my 5 year employment anniversary!

What are your five good reasons why you like working at GEZOLAN? 

  • People I work with
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) 
  • Health insurance
  • Good communication with my boss 
  • Company has been safety oriented

What do you wish GEZOLAN and our employees for the future?
Health, happiness & prosperity